Our clients can tell you better then we can about our sincere commitment to quality service. A commitment that continuously propels us to meet and exceed all requirements and expectations. Here’s what our clients are saying about QCS and Dave Nolan:

David has a lot of experience with bridge painting and the inspector he has provided to me does his job with integrity and professionalism. I credit David with having high expectations for any inspector he employs.
Mark Wilson, Project Engineer, District 8
His knowledge of inspection and the Ohio Department of Transportation requirements have allowed this project to continue moving forward at all times. Project 492-09 perceived David as a valuable resource and looked to his directions and experience in our day to day operations. Mr. Nolan’s attention to detail, high level of training and competence has allowed him to work seamlessly without supervision.
Mark Templeton, Project Engineer, ODOT D-4
QCS provided ODOT with high quality services. One of the greatest services that Dave Nolan provided ODOT was the inspection of the structural steel paint coat system. I was impressed with QCS’ ability to work independently and function as a seamless extension of our ODOT staff. I would highly recommend them for your consideration to perform the inspection of your project.
Robert J. Trocano, Transportation Manager, District #7 ODOT Construction
Mr. Nolan is a highly trained, extremely competent professional who can work without supervision.
Rob Roy, NACE #3152, Chief Inspector, Queensboro Bridge Project New York City
Mr. David Nolan is a highly qualified professional in the field of Structural Steel Paint Inspection. He is very well trained in all aspects of Surface preparation/Protective Coatings Application.
Lev Mezhburd, P.E., Resident Engineer, NYCDOT- Bridges